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Facts and Figures
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American Civil War

Hello and Welcome to my "American Civil War" web site. I have tried to put together a fun and informative web site for all to enjoy. Come on in and have a look around.
Inside you will find many pages on a variety of subjects. In "Civil War Timeline" you can find out what happened on any day or in any year. And in "Facts and Figures" there are many categories for you to choose from.
I will be adding many things in the future. Such as a "Message Board" and a "Game Room". I will also be adding to "Facts and Figures", other categories such as, "Blacks in the war", "After the War" and "The Civil War Today". I also have other things planed but it will be a while before i will have them up and running.
As for now please enjoy all that i have to offer. And if you would, please sign my GuestBook on your way out. Thank you and come again.
This web site was made with a WebTV Classic. And is optimized for WebTV viewing. Computer users please let me know if there is anything i can do for you to make this a more computer friendly site.

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