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Ulysses S.Grant

Benjamin H.Grierson

George H.Thomas

William T.Sherman

Winfield S.Hancock

John A.Logan

Quincy Gillmore

Andrew A.Humphreys

James B.McPherson

John M.Schofield



Nathan B.Forrest

Robert E.Lee

Patrick R.Cleburne

Thomas J.Jackson

James Longstreet



John B.Hood


William J.Hardee



Egbert B.Brown

John Pope

Samuel P.Heintzelman

John C.Fremont

George B.McClellan

Benjamin F.Butler

Louis Blenker

David Hunter

William S.Rosecrans

Ambrose E.Burnside




John B.Hood (1864)

David E.Twiggs

Benjamin Huger

William H.Carroll

Braxton Bragg

John B.Floyd

Gideon Pillow


Theophilus Holmes




UPDATED 9/01/01

~by a General on Either~
C.S.Gen.John B.Hood
at Nashville where he became the only man on either side to lose an entire army.
U.S.Maj.Gen.John Pope
at Second Manassas during which he almost matched Hood's achievement.
U.S.Maj.Gen.Nathaniel P.Banks
displayed distinguished incompetence in the Valley in 1862 and along the Red River in 1864.
C.S.Brig.Gen.Henry H.Sibley
managed to miss every one of the battles fought by his troops during his failed New Mexico campaign.
C.S.Brg.Gen.John B.Floyd
exhibited extraordinary incompetence and cowardice at Fort Donelson.
C.S.Maj.Gen.Gideon Pillow
exhibited distinguished incompetence and cowardice at Fort Donelson.
U.S.Brig.Gen.Robert H.Milroy
his failures in the Valley.
U.S.Maj.Gen.Ambrose Burnsde
his bloody repulse at Fredericksburg.
U.S.Brig.Gen.James H.Ledlie
at The Crater during which he abandoned his division to shelter "in a bomb-proof ten rods to the rear of the line" whilst liberally partaking of whiskey.
U.S.Brig.Gen.Edward Ferrero
who also abandoned his division at the Crater and shared a bottle with Ledlie.

~Union Generals~
Maj.Gen.Benjamin Butler,
"Spoons",from his alleged penchant for swiping the silver whilst on occupation duty in New Orleans and "Beast"for alleged insults which he had inflicted upon the woman of the town.Both nicknames being conferred by the Confederacy.
Maj.Gen.Henry Halleck,
"Old Wooden Head",when he turned out to be less able a commander than his intellectual attainments had suggested.
Maj.Gen.George Thomas,
who was probably the most-nicknamed general of the war was known as
"Old Slow Trot", inspired by his "slow but certain"manner of conducting operations,
"Old Pap",because of his deep concern for the welfare of his troops,
"The Rock of Chickamauga ",because he held the line on that disastrous occasion,and
"The Sledge of Nashville",for the way in which he smashed John B.Hood at the last place.
Maj.Gen.Judson Kilpatrick,
"Kill Cavalry",for his penchant for getting his troops into very tight spots.
Maj.Gen.Nathaniel Banks,
dubbed"Commissary Banks"by the Confederates,since his constant disasters proved a steady source of supply for them.
Maj.Gen.Abner Doubleday,
"Forty-Eight Hours",because of his lack of alacrity in the conduct of operations.
Maj.Gen.George Sykes,
"Tardy George",also had "the slows".
Maj.Gen.Ormsby MacKnight Mitchell,
"Old Stars",being by profession a ditinguished astronomer.
Maj.Gen.John C.Fremont,
"The Pathfinder",due to his pre-war fame as a explorer in the west,albeit that he proved wholly unable to locate Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley.
Brig.Gen.Ivan Vasilevich-or John B.-Turchin,
"The Russian Thunderbolt",from his ethnic origin.
Maj.Gen.Philip Sheridan,
"Little Phil",due to his diminutive stature.
Maj.Gen.Israel B.Richardson,
known as"Fighting Dick"and"Greasy Dick"due to his personal habits.
Maj.Gen.Edwin Vose Summer,
was nicknamed"Bull Head"because a musket ball is once alleged to have bounced off his head.

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