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Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis
~ Goverment ~
~ Page 1 ~

The Confederate Government
~ Davis Administration ~
Jefferson Davis 1861-1865
Vice President
Alexander Stevens 1861-1865
Attorney General
Judah P. Benjamin 1861
Thomas Bragg 1861-1862
Thomas H. Watts 1862-1863
George Davis 1864-1865
Postmaster General
John H. Henninger 1861-1865
Secretary of Navy
Stephen R.Mallory 1861-1865
Secretary of State
Robert A. Toombs 1861
Robert M.T. Hunter 1861-1862
Judah P. Benjamin 1862-1865
Secretary of the Treasury
Chritopher G. Memminger 1861-1864
George A. Trenholm 1864-1865
Secretary of War
Leroy P. Walker 1861
Judah P. Benjamin 1862
George W. Randolph 1862
Gustavus W. Smith 1862
James A Seddon 1862-1865
John C. Breckinridge 1865

The Union Government
~ Lincoln Administration ~
Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865
Vice President
Hannibal Hamlin 1861-1864
Andrew Johnson 1864-1865
Attorney General
Edward Bates 1861-1864
James Speed 1864-1865
Postmaster General
Horatio King 1861
Montgomery Blair 1861-1864
William Dennision 1864-1865
Secretary of the Interior
Caleb B. Smith 1861-1862
John P. Usher 1864-1865
Secretary of the Navy
Gideon Welles 1861-1865
Secretary of State
William H. Seward 1861-1865
Secretary of Treasury
Salmon P. Chase 1861-1864
William P. Fessenden 1864-1865
Hugh McCulloch 1865
Secretary of War
Simon Cameron 1861-1862
Edwin M.Stanton 1862-1865

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1861~ 1862~ 1863
1864~ 1865

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