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~1862~ ~ Janurary ~
16th_____Gen.Henry W.Hallect,
...US,born 1815
18th_____Battle at Mill Springs
19th_____Battle at Mill Springs
19th_____Gen.Robert E.Lee,
...CS,born 1807
28th_____Gen.George Pickett,
...CS,born 1825
~1862~ ~ Feburary ~
2nd_____Gen.Albert S.Johnston,
...CS,born 1807
6th_____Battle of Fort Henry
8th_____Battle at Roanoke Island
13th____Battle at Fort Donelson
14th____Gen.Winfield S.Hancock,
...US,born 1824
~1862~ ~ March ~
7th_____Battle of Pea Ridge
8th_____battle of Pea Ridge
9th_____Battle of USS Monitor
...and CSS Virginia
17th____Gen. Patrick Cleburne,
...CS,born 1828
~1862~ ~ April ~
6th_____Battle of Shiloh
7th_____Battle of Shiloh
8th_____Battle of Island #10
11th____Battle of Fort Pulaski
29th____New Orleans surrenders Union
~1862~ ~ May ~
5th_____Battle of Williamsburg,Va.
8th_____Battle of McDowell,Va.
23rd____Battle of Front Royal,Va.
28th____Gen.Pierre G.T.Beauregard,
...CS,born 1818
31st____Battle of Fair Oaks,Va.
~1862~ ~ June ~
1st_____Lee appointed Commander
...of army in Va.
6th_____Memphis surrenders
8th_____Battle of Cross Keys
9th_____Battle of Port Republic
25th____Seven Days Campaign
26th____Gen.Abner Doubleday,
...US,born 1819
~1862~ ~ July ~
4th_____Morgan Leaves Knoxville
9th_____Forrest crosses the
12th____Gen.Daniel H.Hill,
...CS,born 1821
13th____Gen.Nathan B.Forrest,
...CS,born 1821
29th____The "Alabama" sails out
...of England
~1862~ ~ August ~
9th_____Battle of Cedar Mountain
13th____Johnny Clem "Drummer Boy
...of Chickamauga,US,born 1851
17th____Uprising of Sioux Indians
29th____Second Battle of Bull Run
30th____Second Battle of Bull Run
~1862~ ~ September ~
6th_____Gen.William S.Rosecrans,
...US,born 1819
15th____Jackson captures
...Harper's Ferry
17th____Battle of Antietam
27th____Gen.William Nelson,
...US,born 1824
~1862~ ~ October ~
4th_____Battle of Corinth,
8th_____Battle of Perryville,
15th____Gen.Thomas L.Rosser,
...CS,born 1836
20th____Gen.Daniel E.Sicles,
...US,born 1819
23rd____Gen.Turner Ashby,
...CS,born 1828
~1862~ ~ November ~
3rd_____Gen.Jubal A.Early,
...CS,born 1813
5th_____McClellan removed from
9th_____Gen.Ambrose P.Hill,
...CS,born 1825
13th____Gen.Joseph Hooker,
...US,born 1814
~1862~ ~ December ~
7th_____Battle of Prairie Grove
13th____Battle of Fredericksburg
27th____Battle of Chickasaw Bluffs
31st____Battle of Stones River

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