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~Unfortunate "Firsts"~
~of the War~
The first man killed:
Union Pvt.Daniel Hough of company E,1st Artillery,due to the prematue discharge of a cannon being used to fire a salute during evacuation ceremonies after the surrender of Fort Sumter.
The first man injured by hostile action:
Nicholas Biddle,a Black freeman serving as a an officer's orderly in company A,27th Pennsylania, was struck and injured by a brick-bat thrown by some Southern sympathizers as the regiment paraded through Baltmore on April 18, 1861.
The first men to die by hostile action:
Union Pvts.Sumner Needham,Luther C.Ladd,Addison O. Whitney and Charles A. Taylor,of the 6th Massachusetts,when the regiment was attacked by a secessionist mob as it marched through Baltimore on April 19,1861,along with about a dozen of the rioters,who were shot dow by the troops.
The first Regular Army officer killed:
Union Lt.J.T.Greble of the 2nd Artillery,who fell by his guns at Big Bethel on June 10,1861.
The first Regular Army officer to be wounded:
Union Capt.Judson Kilpatrick of the 5th New York,also at Big Bethel on June 10,1861.
The first general killed:
Confederate Brig.Gen.Robert S.Garnett,who fell on July 13,1861,near Corrick,s Ford,on the Cheat River in what is now West Virginia.
The first naval officer killed:
Cdr.James H.Ward,U.S.N.,on June 27,1861,whilst leading an effort to dislodge some Confederate batteries covering the lower Potomac from Mathias Point,Virginia.

Notable Drummer Boys
John Clem,
of Newark,Ohio,better known as "Johnny Shiloh" or "The Drummer Boy of Chickamauga" who enlisted at 10 and retired from the Army as a major general in 1916.
a Confederate camp servent of about 12 or 13,Jackson escaped from slavery and subsequently became a drummer in the U.S. Colored troops.
Willie Johnson,
from St.Johnsbury,Vermont,was a drummer boy in Company D of the 3rd Vermont,winning the Medal of Honor during the Seven Days,becoming the youngest person to be so honored,being then just about 13.
John McClaughlin,
a native of Lafayette,Indiana,enlisted as a drummer in the 10th Indiana in 1861,being then a little over 10 years of age,"and subsequently serving at Forts Henry and Donelson,at Perryville,and other fields,taking a hand with the fighting from time to time.
"Little Oirish",
was about 11 when he enlisted in the Confederacy at Shiloh,were he helped stem a rout,and on many other fields.
Clarence MacKenzie,
of the 13th New York was the first member of his regiment to be klled,dying in an accident in the summer of 1861.He was only 10 years old.

Notable Drummer Girl
a young girl from Brooklyn,who was residing in Michigan,at the start of the war she disguised herself as a boy and enlisted in the Army of the Cumberland,serving until mortally wounded at Lookout Mountain.

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