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Men Who Served Both Sides
Frank C. Armstrong began his Civil War service as a Lieutenant in the Union 2nd Cavalry,fighting at First Bull Run,and not resigning to "go south" until August 13,1861,thereafter rising to Confederate brigadier general.
Manning M. Kimmel,a lieutenant in the U.S. 2nd Cavalry did not "go south" untill shortly after serving at the First Battle of Bull Run.
Frank A. Reynolds graduated West Point in June of 1861,after the war was well begun,spent several weeks drilling volunteers before being dismissed from service on july 16,having been found to have solicited a commission in the Confederate Army.He later became lieutenant colonel of the 39th North Carolina.
Henry M. Stanley joined the Confederate 6th Arkansas in 1861,fighting at Shiloh and being captured,immediately volunteered for duty with the Union,serving for a while with the army and later joining the navy,before going on to explore Africa.
R.K.Meade,Jr.,a 2nd lieutenant of engineers and one of the defenders of Fort Sumter,resigned from the service shortly after the surrender of the fort and accepted a commission in the Confederate Army,but died of natural causes soon afterwards.

Civil War Mascots
"Jeff Davis" a mongrel,was the mascot of the 6th Iowa.
General Lee's Hen,who laid an egg under his camp bed each morning,which provided his breakfast,and whose absence on July 4,1863,the forth day of Gettysburg,caused the general considerable grief,until she was located.
"Old Abe" was an eagle,the mascot of he 8th Wisconsin,who served four years in the field,participating in 42 battles,during which he was once wounded.Tethered to a special standard which was borne by the regimental "Eagle Bearer," "Old Abe" was wont to fly over the heads of the troops,screaming defiance at the enemy.
"Old Harvey" a white bulldog,was the mascot of the 104th Ohio,serving with some distinction at Franklin.
"York" a setter,was the pet of Union Brig.Gen. Alexander S.Asboth,and often acccompanied his master into action.
"Sallie" was the mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania and is depicted in the unit's monument at Gettysburg.

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