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Susan B. Anthony Clara Barton
~ Woman of the War ~

Who Were Spies
Belle Boyd
:a young flamboyant spy for the Confederacy.She used her feminine charms to get military information from important Union military figures.She was reported, arrested and imprisoned several times and even sent beyond Confederate lines twice.
Pauline Cushman
:an actress turned spy for the Union.She reported on Confederate activities in Tennessee in 1863 before being discovered, arrested and sentenced to hang.Invading Union troops recued her before the execution could be carried out.
Rose O'Neal Greenhow
:active in the pre-war Washington social scene, she was able to attain sensitive information for the Confederacy early in the war.Her activities were discovered and after a term of imprisonment she was deported to the South.
Elizabeth Van Lew
:a daughter of a Nortern-born wealthy merchant, she lived in Richmond when the war began.She used an eccentric manner as cover for her espionage activities which even included assisting Yankee prisoners in escaping from Libby Prison.She continued to supply the Federals with information until Richmond was taken.
Mary Bowser
:a African American slave of the Van Lew family until she was freed by her owners and sent to Philadlphia for an education.She returned to Richmond to assist her friend Elizabeth Van Lew in undercover work.At one point, she served as a maid for President and Mrs.Davis and was able to attain secrets from the Confederate Executive Mansion itself.

Northern Woman
Prominent in the War
Louisa May Alcott
:served as a nurse, later a noted author.
Susan B. Anthony
:women's rights advocate, organized the Woman's Loyal League.
Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke
:a housewife and mother, "Mother Bickerdyke," became a Sanitary Commission worker, beloved of the troops and terror of insensitive officers.
Clara Barton
:a Patent Office clerk at the start of the war, she went on to serve as a nurce, organized soldiers' relief, and eventually founded the American Red Cross.
Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
:the first woman to graduate from an American medical school, helped organized the U.S. Sanitary Commission.
Mary Ashton Rice Livermore
:a society woman, helped organize the Sanitary Commission and served as its national director from December of 1862 to the end of the war, becoming thereby the most important woman executive in U.S. history.

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